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that the president's health care law is coming into effect, law says very clearly that the law is to come into effect and the provisions of the law are to be followed by this upcoming next year in 2014. well, we saw that the president of the united states waived a magic wand and as he has been wanting to do lately, he is making laws and decrees by press conference or by a press release or going to a microphone. no longer do the american people even know what law is or the what the law says, because we presume when a law is passed that we are supposed to follow it, at least that's what the i.r.s. tells us, when the law is passed, they tell us they are supposed to enforce it. that's the expectation that people have, that they are supposed to follow the law. yet the president of the united states says they he is going to put some of these provisions away so they won't have to follow them. our recommendation to the president is, let's not follow any of obamacare, let's pull it all in a ban because we know senator baucus has said that the bill is a train wreck and that's what's coming down the pike. we kn
. unless it is included in the immigration reform bill, it will not become law. that is why i think there is some declining optimism from the white house and democrats that this is going to get past. because, as john boehner reiterated to his colleagues yesterday, he is not going to bring any ill to the floor unless it has a majority of republicans supporting it. right now the majority of the republicans don't appear to support a path to citizenship. host: alexander bolton's colleagues at the hill have this deadline. among of gloom deepens democrats over immigration reforms prospect." democrats make it clear that if the path to citizenship is not included, there will be no bill. they say that would be a political disaster for republicans. they point to the 2012 presidential election where mr. romney did terribly with hispanic voters, worse than john mccain and george w. bush. withboehner seems to agree that political assessment. he told his colleagues yesterday, he assured them he will not bring anything to the floor and pass it was only and majority -- minority of republicans. he s
on the republican efforts to repeal the health care law including the legislation coming to the floor next week that would delay for one year the employee or an individual mandate called for under the health care law. >>> representative tom price is the guest republican of georgia where he represents the sixth district. thank you for being here. >> guest: great to be with you. >> host: on the federal health care law yesterday house speaker john boehner announced a vote next week to delay the implementation of more items of law to it how will this be different than the votes that the house has taken to repeal law which hasn't gone anywhere. >> host: the landscape has changed and has admitted with their own delay of the employer mandate for a year from january 1st, 2014 to 2015. adel all isn't workable at least employers from their perspective we believe that is the case. and we believe that that ought to be codified. the congress ought to ratify that and say it is unworkable and we ought to require employers to comply with the law i
to change existing law and constitute legislation on an appropriation bill. therefore it violates clause 2 of rule 21. the rule states in mr. perriello: -- in pertinent part, an amendment to a general appropriation bill shall not be in order if changing existing law. the amendment proposes to state a legislative position. i'm asking for a ruling from the chair. the chair: does any member wish to be heard on the point of order? if not, the chair is prepared to resume. the amendment offered -- rule. the amendment offered by the gentleman from north carolina proposes to state a legislative position of the house. as such, the amendment constitutes legislation in violation of clause 2 of rule 21. the point of order is sustained and the amendment is not in order. who seeks recognition? for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania seek recognition? >> my friend, mr. duffy from wisconsin, and i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: the clerk will report. will the gentleman specify the amendment? .> amendment to h.r. 2609 >> amendment number 20. in the congressional record. the chair:
's the process of assimilation. unlike other nations, our immigration laws were not written to keep people out, they were written to assure those who come here demonstrate a sincere desire to become americans. to acquire a common language, common culture, and commom appreciation of american sthrule principles and american legal traditions. illegal immigration undermines that process of legal immigration that makes our nation of immigrants possible. if we allow illegal immigration, then legal immigration becomes pointless. the process of assimilation that our immigration laws assure breaks down, and the bonds of allegiance that hold a country like ours together begin to dissolve. there is a recent article in the national review which points out earlier immigration bills included a provision calling for, quote, patriotic integration of prospective citizens into the american way of life by providing civics, histories, and english with a special emphasis on attachment to the principles of the constitution of the united states, the heroes of american history, and the meaning of the oath of allegian
for being here this morning. guest: great to be with you. host: let's talk about the federal healthcare law. yesterday house speaker john boehner announced a vote next week to delay implementation of more items of the law. how will this be different? guest: well, the fact is the landscape has changed. the president and administration have admitted with their own delay of the employer mandate for a year from january 1, 2014, to january 1, 2015, that the law is unworkable, at least from employers. we believe that's the case. and we believe that that ought to be congress to do guide, at they say yes, it should workable, and we he's not to have it there. we also have to do that for ideas. we will have a vote next week in the house of representatives on a one-year delay for the employer mandate and a one-year delay for the individual mandate from january 1, 2014, to january 1, 2015. host: there's been criticism in commentary pieces, including by dana millbank in "the washington post," that republicans want it both ways. they're critical of the law, and yet they were critical of the delay of the
government to step in and do something about it. despite the city's tough gun laws, chicago cops are recovering illegal guns at nine times the rate of their counterparts in new york city. that's nearly three times the number of weapons in a city 1/3 the size. these outrageous numbers call for nothing short of a federal response. we need a renewed effort at the federal level to prosecute gun traffickers who put illegal weapons in the hands of gang members. we need to give our law enforcement the tools they need to put these guys away. last year chicago ranked last among federal jurisdictions in federal gun prosecutions. this is simply unacceptable. gun traffickers should know if you traffic illegal weapons in the city of chicago you'll be spending a long time in a federal penitentiary. we cannot let these criminals be charged with mere paperwork violations. i welcome the nomination of as ry fartherin -- fardin special prosecutor and to prosecute more of these cases. we need to give law enforcement the tools and funding they need to do so. that means finally passing a federal lawm
a year in u.s. aid which, by law is supposed to be cut off if there's a military coup. senate leaders including democratic senator carl levin and republican senator john mccain, well, they're calling for just that. but at the white house press secretary jay carney said for a second day that there are no plans to cut off egypt's aid or even label the military takeover a coup. >> we don't think it would be in the best interest of the united states to change the assistance program quickly or immediately. rather, we'll take the time necessary to evaluate it. >> john: meanwhile there's more resistance from congress on america's syria policy where the senate and white house intelligence committees are holding up planned weapons deliveries to syrian rebels. the white house is also reportedly frustrated with pushback from afghan president hamid karzai. according to the "new york times" today mr. obama is "so frustrated with his dealings with karzai, that he's considering speeding up the planned u.s. troop pullout and abandoning plans to leave the so-called residual force at the end of 2014".
:00, including the ongoing battle of the health-care reform law. >> thanks to obamacare, we can now afford the care we need. >> that is just one of the advertisements released about the law designed to increase coverage for americans. >> your metabolism slows down as you age, but are there ways to boost its? >> well, the battle of the health-care reform laws will be hitting the air this week. >> can i really trust the folks in washington with my family's health care? >> that is part of an advertisement that aired on the food network and on nbc, specifically during "law & order otherand there were advertisements discussing the benefits of the law. they are targeting young mothers. the affordable care act was upheld by the u.s. supreme court last summer, and among other things, it requires companies with more than 50 full-time workers to offer benefits by january, or they have a fine of $2,000 per employee. tonight's medical alert, one out of eight american couples struggles with infertility, and 1.1 million american women undergo fertility treatments each year, and now, there is a technique
has ruled the state can enforce a law requiring abortion providers to notify the parents of girls under 18 at least 48 hours before an abortion. 30 eight other states require some form of parental notification for minors. and washington, d.c., house subcommittee has slipped a writer into a general appropriations bill that would ban d.c. from using its own tax revenues to fund abortions for low income women through medicaid area did we will have more on anti-choice restrictions are protest sweeping texas and north carolina later in the broadcast. house lawmakers have passed it portion of the -- version of the farm bill that expands government subsidies to agribusiness, but for the first time in 40 years does not include funding for the food stamp program. republican said it will seek a separate bill on food stamps. has ordereddge commanders at guantÁnamo bay prison to stop conducting invasive tunable searches of prisoners seeking to meet with their lawyers. ruled the searches were aimed at hindering prisoners access to legal counsel. the judge also said prisoners weakened an ongoi
and will be punish fod the full extent of the law. >> we're going to continue working with the survivors. i think they have all of the records and all of the evidence to convict this individual. >> in other news today the white house is honing in on immigration specifically trying to push house republicans to take action on comprehensive reform. the administration has released a 32-page report making the case for reform in terms of boosting the economy and reducing the deficit, terms that republican lawmakers may be able to digest. in specifics, it reads that reform will grow the economy by 3.3% and bring down the deficit by close to $8850 billion over the next -- by close to $850 billion over the next 20 years. we're back after the break. actually mean it. >> you're putting out there something that you're proud of. journalists want the the story and they want the right story and the want the true story. >> you can say anything here. >> i spent a couple of hours with a hooker. >> your mistake was writing a check. >> she never cashed it! >> the war room. >> compared to other countries with tighter
repeals outdated and unworkable permanent law, and replaces it with cost-effective and market oriented provisions of the title 1 going forward. this provides certainty to farmers and ranchers and eliminates the threat of government quotas and government price support levels based on 1938 and 1949 agricultural practices and economic conditions. this bill includes multiple regulatory relief provisions, making it the largest regulatory relief bill to be voted on this year. this process began four years ago when then chairman peterson led us into the countryside to have eight field hearings across the nation. we followed up with three more sets of hearings, including audits of every single policy under the jurisdiction of the house agriculture committee. the result is the legislation that reduces the federal footprint and makes commonsense reforms to policy. thatno secret, my friends, my preference would have been to pass h.r. 1947, the full farm bill, last month. but that didn't happen. and we are here today with another opportunity. today's a step towards getting a five-year farm bill on
. the administration must apply the law that congress already enacted and get this job done. we look forward to working with the gentleman to get this appropriation enacted and get this license wrapped up at the nuclear regulatory commission. i yield to you. mr. upton: i want to say again, i want to compliment you and your staff. this has been a major issue for us for a good number of years. something that needs to get done. i look forward to continuing that strong relationship as we look to the future. i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman from michigan yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from oregon seek recognition? >> rise to strike the last word. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. blumenauer: thank you, madame -- madam chair. the dispatch with which the committee has moved forward made it not possible for me to offer the amendment that i was going to offer formally. i just intend to deal with the issue very briefly for the committee and look forward to trying to work with the committee going forward. six years ago in section 2032 of wr
-mails is a brit, and even when the majority of individuals with whom the calls for a mouse are associated are law-abiding americans? a general matter, the collection of men did it is part of counter-terrorism. >> fbi director nominee james comey refuses to criticize the broad collection of phone records of americans and defends the indefinite detention of americans deemed to be enemy combatants. he also explains why he signed off on a memo authorizing waterboarding loss serving under james ashcroft. we will speak to a former fbi agent. and then bradley manning on trial. the former chief prosecutor, morris davis, testifies for the defense. colonel davis joins us today. first, a political crisis escalates in egypt. we go to cairo for a report from sharif abdel kouddous. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. spain has a knowledge their request from the u.s. prompting the blockade of a plane carrying bolivian president and evo morales. the plane was grounded in austria for 14 hours after spain, france, portugal, and italy closed their airspace over false rumors that e
the law -- the obama administration is committed to a long-term strategic partnership with afghanistan. the senate foreign relations committee focused on the military transition in afghanistan. the hearing lasted about two hours. >> good morning. this hearing will come to order. today's hearing on afghanistan comes not too soon. u.s. troops are still based there. the transitions in 2014 just around the corner. now is the time to take stock in our efforts and make any necessary changes. given recent speculation about our intentions, this means the united states needs to make clear once again that we are committed to a long-term partnership with afghanistan. that me be clear. i believe this is a fundamental point. as long as the afghan people and their government wants the united states as a partner. , we do not intend to leave afghanistan along. we will continue with assistance post-2014. i am aware there is a deep- seated anxiety in the region as to what the u.s. troop presence will look like. i heard it when i was in afghanistan and pakistan early this year. i know senator bob corker
. >> the law as written probably can't work. >> i think the whole thing may collapse. >> bill: brit hume says obama care may be dead on arrival. mr. hume will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the era of bad feelings. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. all over the country, americans are attacking other americans over political issues. on sunday, june 30th in seattle, two christian activists showed up at a gay pride rally holding signs saying repent or else and jesus saves from sin. the two men were attacked. >> that's a big [bleep] if i were you i would [bleep] [shouting] >> [screaming] seattle police have arrested two men, the fat guy who was slugging him and i think that's the guy, well, i shouldn't say, this one of the men arrested has nine felonies, nine on his rap sheet. now, obviously this is very disturbing, yes, the christians were looking to be provocative, but, that's no excuse for violence. if gays really want to be proud, they will
. and you have one overarching issue. congress passes a law, maybe it's the privacy act, made its the fisa act, whatever it might be, and then the attorney general has -- usually to push the bar down a little farther. and yet the fbi create their domestic intelligence operations guidelines. they made make -- they may make everyone more nervous. you wanted to let them do this and suddenly they're doing a lot less internally. so what i think the role of congress has deployed is to make sure that the attorney general guidelines and the fbi internal regulations about what they can do are really consistent and are not being risk averse and asking us questions. as you yourself noted, these investigations are different for bank robbery. they're different because there hasn't been a crime yet and they are also different because they implicate the first amendment. in a way that the normal bank robbery doesn't. so it's a riskier area, but just to make sure you got the alignment between how people are operating the federal government in the fusion centers and the jttf so it's consistent with a maximu
,nity in proposition pete wilson, the arizona law, defeating the bush -- immigration reform, talking about self deportation. the message here, that require some kind of shock therapy. we understand this has been on the wrong track. at is the reason immigration reform, i think, is an important symbol for the republican party. it is not enough. then you have to adjust people's real world economic needs, and that is an entirely different set of issues. i would also say there are some other issues where you can communicate -- where we are taking a different approach. in an essay i did with pete why notor "commentary" take on the big banks or corporate welfare or other things to symbolize you are not on the side of the corporate culture, that you are actually on the side of individual entrepreneurship and social mobility and other things. tomorrow on the issue like prison reform. that is an interesting issue where libertarians are concerned about 2 million people in prison , fast incarceration. -- had thes have the humanitarian concerns with ministries with prisoners. liberals are concer
here, if some people have criminal records are here, law abiding, participating four years their kids are born here, you know, it's first secure the border, pathway to citizenship done, you know, whatever little penalties you want to put in there then it's done. >> and the incentive for him to say that was obvious, surprise defeat of mitt romney. chalked up initially by republicans and just everybody else to a record high turnout of nonwhite voters. nothing for them to get shellacked but the results pointed to a different problem for the gop. latinos rapidly growing group had given president obama more than 70% of their votes. the urgency for the gop to change its tune seemed obvious. that was eight months ago. but since then a bipartisan bill has passed the senate that would basically achieve everything hannity said he wanted to achieve, $30 billion in border security, the border surge, a 1-year path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants with clean records with a series of fine and penalties. it passed the senate by a 68-342 vote late last month but now there's grave doubt anyth
that it is inappropriate and arrogant for the court to strike down a decades-old congressional law. >> john: didn't he just help overturn the voting rights act of 1965 literally yesterday? >> reporter: well, like i said, this is a firmly held belief of scalia that he has held for approximately 36 hours now. >> john: to be fair. hundreds and hundreds of minutes. >> reporter: in his defense, there is a substantive difference between the two cases. if you'll permit me legalese, john. he did not like the voting rights act so he ruled against it. but he did like doma so he ruled for it. it's what lawyers call the principle of (whining). >> john: thank you. for a local perspective we go live to al mad gal. al, this ruling is now just 12 years old. [ cheers and applause ] i'm sorry. where are you? >> where am i? where are you? you heard the supreme court, john. everyone has to get gay married. >> john: that is not what the supreme court ruled. >> yes, it is. haven't you been listening to conservatives? traditional marriage is dead. everyone has to get gay married effectively immediately or obama's thugs take you
. if what happened in egypt is a coup under u.s. law aid has to be withdrawn and the united states faces a diplomatic dilemma. >> whether or not cutting off the aid at this point would only deepen the crisis and send egypt into a further meltdown. >> reporter: republican senator john mccain is leading calls for the white house to use aid as a lever to force egypt towards fair and free elections. but a policy expert says egypt's future will be determined by egyptians. >> the u.s.'s role is minimal. but, the biggest thing for the u.s. is to avoid having egypt turn into a failed state in the middle of civil war. that's the worst of all option. >> reporter: for egypt, a turbulent transition. finding an interim leader is the first step in what cube months long road towards free elections. >>> we have breaking news in the area where a little boy has been reported missing. it's in northeast d.c. police officers rushed to a scene off west virginia avenue there. pat collins has our report. pat? >> reporter: jim, sources are telling me now that police found the body of a young boy in the back of a
impose your will on another human being, whether you have a fancy written law to justify it, a shiny badge or a government gun. it doesn't justify imposing your will on someone else by force. we want to fight back against that. we want to mark the high tide, the high water mark of government. we want to turn the tide by inspiring people to assert their self-ownership and we are going to stop the criminals in d.c. we are not the criminals. we are the law-abiding peaceful people who want to stand up for what is righteous and just. >> reporter: adam kokesh was discharged from the marines in 2007 for wearing his uniform during an anti-war protest. again, the 31-year-old iraq war veteran behind bars, locked up at fairfax county detention center charged with drug and firearm possession according to our sister radio station wnew. i'm working to confirm those charges, waiting on a call back from park police. as soon as i get that information, we'll pass it along you to. back to you, mike, andrea. >> delia reporting live from freedom plaza. >>> the mother of an 8 poaldz baby who died ---month
competitive act with my friend, mr. scott, for one reason, to ensure the law of unintended consequences does not place america at a disadvantage globally. our bill simply requires financial stability oversight committee to conduct the study of the impacts implementing the credit valuation adjustment capital requirement, or c.v.a., will have on end users and u.s. financial institutions. this study is in response to the recent bossle 3 accord which is a global regulatory standard for capital requirement for banks. unfortunately they decided to exempt their own european banks for providing certain requirements. specifically, european regulators have decided to exempt transactions with sovereign pension funds and corporate counterparties which exempted. this means european banks will not have to put up capital like american banks. i have some serious questions about the impact the european exemption will have on u.s. financial institutions, consumers and larger u.s. companies. to me it will have a business advantage to european banks, european customers and european end users at the expense of a
still is i country with a free enterprise system, a decent rule of law that they lack. and i think that's one big reason-- they're betting on the u.s. and i think so should we. >> they are sending their kids here in many cases to be educatedment one more thing add energy. if we have been having this round table five years ago we would have been talking about looming imports, great energy crieses-- crisis and all that. instead we are on the verge of north america energy self-sufficiency and our dependence and reliance on the middle east is literally going done by the day. last year we increased oil output by more than a million barrels a day, does this give us more cushon to basically say to the middle east and the rest of the world, work yourselves out. >> i hope it doesn't give us too much cushon. countries that have too much energy tend to wither -- you know, tend to whittle away their other human resources. look at saudi arabiament look t means the potential revival of manufacturing in this country. it means jobs in out of the way places that never thought about before. i mean it's j
alterman says the u.s. has an interest in keeping aid flowing to one of the strongest allies. >> the law says that if there has been a coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. there has been a coup. and the u.s. doesn't want to quit giving aid. >> reporter: egypt's interim president called for an end to the violence as he tries to steer the country forward to a new election. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> the u.s. is reviewing its obligations to egypt under law and will consult with congress before any move is made about our country's aid to egypt. >>> firefighters are back on the scene of a two-alarm fire in elkton, cecil county. more than 60 firefighters from companies in cecil, harford, and chester county, pennsylvania, battle flames for over an hour and a half. damage to the buildings could be in the area of a million dollars. one firefighter was treated and released from the hospital with heat-related injuries. >>> in our region, the government estimates there are 11,000 companies working on cyber security. today, as mike schuh reports, a baltimore comp
for accepting $15,000 for the catering of his daughter in june in 2011678 the state law requires any gift more than $50 but exempts to family members are exempt. >> more trouble for mcdonnell's son sean.ean. the 21-year-old was charged with public into. ation. he will be a senior tep university of virginia and it happened there. he was released and scheduled th be back in court next month. the washington castles look toon set c a new u.s. prosports recod of 34 consecutive wins.tive >> in the w first match against boston kevin anderson dominatedd winning 5-2. martina hingis was a perfect 3-3 in her play. then in the fifth and final match they took the men's doubles. they go on to win 25-12 to set s the record for wins for a moaftion professional sportsssio team in the u.s. congratulations to the castles. >> good job, caflts. come up next. how do they do it? special eivelgts make the moviem as you know. >> the director of the releaseee sits down with kevin mccarthy to reveal some of the secrets. sec >> check this out. you can escape to a world of piewrl imagination with qdam. >> they want to you
and talking about revolution. the loaded gun, a clear violation of d.c. law and last night u.s. park police went to his home and raided that home in herndon, virginia. we spoke to his roommate and film producer daryl young last night. >> all they're doing is throwing more gasoline on the fire. i place add few phone calls -- placed a few phone calls. the word is nationwide right now. it's just the beginning. >> reporter: it is still unclear what if anything was seized from his herndon home. and we don't know yet if adam kokesh will face any charges. however, he has told us he is willing to go to jail to prove a point here. you want to hear much more of what he has to say. we had adam kokesh live on our broadcast monday. i'll share a little bit of what he had to say coming up in the next half-hour. back to you, mike, andrea. >> delia goncalves live at freedom plaza in northwest washington. >>> d.c. police say they do not know yet exactly how michael kingsbury died. officers found the 7-year-old boy's body monday night inside a locked car near his home in northeast washington. the car was righ
. law enforcement talked to them on day one. they may have tested for drugs or alcohol in the system. south korean officials interviewed them on day two. now the big interview with ntsb, other investigators looking at the pilots. ntsb quick to point out, don't look at pilot error too quick, yet. there have been three similar crashes where planes landed short of the runway. in some cases, there was pilot error involved. in others, it was mechanical. they want to know everything before they make judgments about this. there's a lot of information out there to collect before they have a very clear idea of what happened here. michaela? >> certainly, the pilots, the instruments. we'll be following this. thank you for the report from san francisco. >>> three teenagers on board flight 214 are talking exclusively to cnn about their ordeal. 11-year-old sarah, her 11-year-old joseph and 15-year-old sister talked from san francisco general hospital. they talk about what happened after the planes crash landed. >> craziness. it was like we were all bouncing all over the place. i just remember ther
celebrities around the world to go to law makers saying we need laws on the books that don't allow the men to get this close to our children. we're the celebrities. our kids have nothing to do with it. >> amen to that. >> that's just my opinion. moving on to this, exclusive information we have, apparently, leah remini from "king of queen" has quit church of scientology. >> oh. >> yeah, she -- now this is according to a source. apparently been subjected to years of interrogations what they're calling thought modifications. finally she just quit. this may stem all the way back to, speaking of tom cruise and katie holmes, their wedding in 2006. a blogger out there saying that she apparently went up to the leader of the church and asked an innocent question -- "hey, where is your wife?" he said to her, reportedly, "you don't have the bleeping rank to ask about my wife." >> oh. >> she took this to heart. she has been sitting on it for quite some time. as a result of that question. she was put through interrogations, black listed within the church. according to reports. she ditched it altogether
a law- enforcement but you get little yellow lights and you get to drive around and act like a cop. he said to that opportunity to be a cowboy wannabe and a caught uniform and a caught car with a caught wife and probably a little top computer and has car, no. thanks, but no. i'm working, i'm going to school and my wife. i do not want your cop car, i don't want your lights, i don't need your uniform. this is the guy that the state is telling you, i'd get ill will and hatred out of this, one of beins compoup wannabe. hy times on be stand is year's speculation? what did you say? it's not evidence, that's why. if you go back there and say john doe speculated and the judge allowed it, " speculate. absolutely not. absolutely not. top wannabe? i don't know. involved citizen? sure. any complaints by the way that the state rights you anything like that to foster their argument to you that he was doing something wrong. where is the evidence? they talked about thank god the guy called and now george zimmerman was i wanted that one! darn! it's not going to happen again! are you kidding me? are you
? have ain maryland, i number of friends who are defense department employees. a sister in law and several friends who are getting these furloughs. i am not entirely happy about this but the reality is that sequestration is law like the affordable care act. a law, it is a lock, -- we will have to live with it. either one of those is not a good thing. both of them are not a good thing. it is time to repair both of them and neither has been repaired host: do you think washington, d.c. has the will and the way to make those repairs? caller: i really don't see any thing on the horizon. as far as sequestration, that is the administration's responsibility to come up with an alternative plan. the house of response -- the house of representatives has come up with three alternatives for what theiting president wants to do or his people. host: thank you for that call. carolina onom south our independent line. caller: good morning, i had this to say -- host: go ahead. outer: the civilian people here to not call this financial situation -- did not cause this financial situation. why don't
the conference. we simply would not have made a decision to change existing law . and the change in existing law would mean that the senate conferees could stick to their position and hold to cut $4 billion, and we would not have a position to cut a penny. i believe that this is an nest attempt to get us to go by passing part of the farm bill to go to conference. and the tactics to -- against that is to simply keep us from going to conference and where we would show up with whatever we pass. now, if i have overstated this or understated this, i would encourage the minority whip to please engage me in a colloquy at this time. and i would yield to the gentleman to on the substance of what i have spoken about to feel free to enlighten me and for us to work through this very important issue. and i would yield to the gentleman. mr. hoyer: i thank my friend for yielding. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. mr. hoyer: this side of the aisle believes the passage of the farm bill is very, very important. it's important for our agricultural interests, for our farmers. we believe it's very impor
. >>gretchen: he is still going to be able to be considered for manslaughter. with florida law, manslaughter could give him still 25 years in prison. the jury will be instructed on that later on as far as what each charge brings with regard to prison time. it looks like there are three choices. he could be not guilty, also a hung jury -- a fourth choice -- guilty of second degree murder or manslaughter. this is a huge victory for the prosecution to get this manslaughter charge in there. because if the jury is teetering and want to give somebody responsibility for the did he go of a 17 -- for the death of a 17-year-old, it does add an interesting wrinkle to the case. >>brian: the prosecution said he's angry, he had preconceived notions about who trayvon martin was. he is a vigilante. there was screaming. there was misinformation out there. for example, the direct quote that they said that george zimmerman said to a friend to tell his wife, tell them i killed him. he says tell them i shot a man. that's different. in analyzing some of that, that's where i imagine the defense should say excuse m
of the outcome, revisiting the stand your ground laws, a re-examination of the incarceration rate and incarceration culture in and around the african-american community, the way black men are targeted, and there is an acceptance of black man on street goes to jail doing something violent. that is a given. we need to re-examine that trope in our society. getting to a racially harmonious future is going to require very practical steps. >> it's not just about what's in our hearts, it's about what's in our lawbooks. we'll talk more about this case. also later in the show, civil rights legend myrlie evers is going to join us. stay with us. a lot more from the essence festival, next. discover card. i wanted to ask you a couple questions. i've got nothing to hide. my bill's due today and i haven't paid yet. you can pay up 'til midnight online or by phone the day it's due. got a witness to verify that? just you. you called me. ok, that checks out. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with payment flexibility. bounce is great because the freshness lasts for weeks
. prosecutor john guy climbing atop a full mannequin, while cross-examining law enforcement trainer. >> were you aware that the defendant described to his best friend, that when the defendant slid down, that trayvon martin was up around his armpits. >> reporter: jurors, and even defense attorneys, craning their necks. some even standing up to see the demonstration. >> where would the gun be now? >> now, the gun would be behind your left leg. >> reporter: defense attorney mark o'mara even asked to borrow the dummy on redirect. >> were the injuries consistent with somebody doing this? >> i don't think so. >> how about this? how about somebody resisting the attempt? >> reporter: now, by tomorrow night, george zimmerman could know whether he faces life in prison or freedom. we're told he's preparing for both, spending a lot of time with his family. now, even if he's convicted on a lesser charge, like aggravated assault, we're told that he will be escorted directly from that courthouse to the jail. amy? >> matt gutman, thanks so much. >>> let's bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abram
their job to the letter and they were not able to make that arrest only as a matter of law, but lee believes he still ended up taking the fall. are you saying this was the result of political pressure that you lost your job? >> i believe it was political pressure and the fact that i upheld my oath. >> reporter: sanford, florida, a town caught in a divisive racially charged death investigation. neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman admitted to shooting and killing unarmed teenager 17-year-old trayvon martin and at the time, bill lee was the police chief. >> we wanted to find out what truly happened and seek justice. >> reporter: lee says the investigation started that night. they took zimmerman into custody for questioning, but he claimed self-defense, and the sanford police department let him go. your lead investigator, chris serino, suggested manslaughter on the initial police report. why is it for 40 plus days george zimmerman walked a free man? >> the laws of the state of florida and the constitution require you to have probable cause to arrest someone. the evidence and the testimon
, nicaragua and venezuela, he is charged with breaking u.s. espionage laws and is regarded as a fugitive from justice here. >> as for the weather hot is the word across the country here, ago along with high humidity and plenty of thunderstorms this 4th of july, the week ahead promises to be somewhat cooler but just as muggy and nearly as rainy. >> when we come back, the latest on the crash-landing of,,,,,,,,, through sunday at sleep train's 4th of july sale, save on sleep train's most popular mattress sets. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> osgood: as we mentioned earlier, a sout south korean air crashed among landing at san francisco's international airport, our john blackstone is there. >> dark smoke row. >> rose:, rose into a dark. >> sunny sky after the 777 jetliner broke apart on landing and skidded off the runway barely missing san francisco bay. >> benjamin levy was in seat 30 k just behind the wing. >> the nose of the plane was up a little bit, and then while hi
this youtube post from a local gungun activity protesting the strict d.c. fire gun laws, this morning, he is mind bars after police came with him with a strong message? meag >>> why wal-mart is threatening to pull out of the city if the council passes a controversial bill in today's meeting. >>> a commute to make it per for thousands of you. virginia's secretary joins us live as fox 5 morning news starts right now. >>> there's a live look outsides we couldve secretly be showing u the same picture we have penhave showing you in the last couple of days. >> we wouldn't do that. >> no, wdne wouldn't. it feels the same as the past in the last couple of days, this is morning, july 10th, 2013. >> it reminds me of that song, same as it ever was. >> i'm allison seymour. let's foe to tucker barnes andbs he will tell us if in it will be the same as it ever was. >> i'm whispering what it was ir the weather maps. it's going to be more of theinto same. we are looking at cloud cover tr start of the morning, peeks of sunshine to start tate threat and of rainshowers, and looking at the radar we have a
my mind. >> reporter: her mother called police. and a frantic search began. family, neighbors and law enforcement and crews fanned out. desperate to find the little girl. 15-year-old tamar and friend chris were on their bikes looking to jocelyn. it had been two hours since she had been reported missing, when suddenly -- >> we saw the car. and the car had the little girl in it. >> reporter: the two teens chased the alleged kidnapper for 15 heart-pounding minutes. >> if he wasn't going to stop, i was probably going to jump on the car. >> reporter: the boys say that the driver abruptly stopped and pushed jocelyn out of the car. he took her to police. unharmed, she was reunited with her mother. >> one of the best days of my life. >> he's our hero. there's no words to say it. i'm so grateful. >> reporter: this morning, the suspect is still at large. and police are focused on finding him. >> we've certainly all heard worse stories with not so happy endings. but this would be a much happier ending if we find the person responsible. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc new
letters. there are a couple of good repositories. the first law would take a look at is the u.s. army military history institute which is in carlisle pennsylvania. it is adjacent to the army war college. it is the place where an official records -- official records go to the national archives. letters, diaries, and the like. your dad's trove would fit perfectly in there. among other things, they organize their archives by a unit. so your dad's letters would be with the seventh armored division. other letters and diaries and so on from the seventh armored division. that sort of stuff, frankly, for a historian like me, is absolutely invaluable. so i would encourage you to put at least copies of them there. if you have a pretty good website, u.s. army military institute in carlisle, pennsylvania, part of the army history and education center. you can find them and see how to get in touch with them. >> host: unfortunately we are out of time. here is a picture. we did not get to somebody else beecher in your book. they're is a picture of her on the front lines. and as well, that is the e h
, the run-ins with the law. there were at least three incidents last year including an arrest after travis crashed his car. police say he threatened troopers and showed up at a store naked looking to buy cigarettes. for some fans that's in the past. they're now focusing on travis' future. >> everybody is pulling for randy travis. despite everything he has been through the last couple years, i think people really still like randy travis. and he has just got a ton of country music hits that people still love to listen to. >> wish him the best. he has the coolest voice. he's like a really deep baritone. doesn't sound it. next time you're in the car, sing a randy travis song to yourself. he is way down there. sound way up here. really great singer. sentence to two year probation for the incident in the roadside ditch. two years probation. had to do 30 days in alcohol treatment facility. >> a brand new album due out this fall. he is out there. sure he is trying to promote this and all of a sudden he has gotten sick. we wish him the best. >> no doubt about it. >> coming up -- >> banning baggy pa
such accounts in fiscal year 2013 by division . of public law 113-6 the chair: the gentlelady from florida is recognized for five minutes on her amendment. ms. castor: mr. chairman, i rise today to offer an amendment that would restore funding for america's renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation initiatives, restore it to the very modest levels of the last year, 2013. these relate to the department of energy's energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives the department of energy's delivery and energy reliability as well. the problem with the republican bill is it slashes, itof americ renewable energy and energy conservation. they also have something that i would maybe a term of art, rearranging the debt tiers on the titanic and they squeeze them down into a single account and when you take it all together it is a 57% reduction. in energy efficiency and renewable energy. this is outrageous. it's shortsided and very poor public policy. the republican bill slashes clean energy initiatives that are critical to the all of the above energy strategy that i thought we ag
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